Smart City for Janitorial and City Management

Uncomplicated tool developed by Maptriz to provide an easy solution and agility to common problems that generate weariness for the public manager, overload of work for the teams and dissatisfaction for the citizen.

Applied in several Janitorial and Smart City Management projects, such as: multipurpose registration; urban afforestation management; Street lighting; maintenance of road signs; maintenance and conservation of urban drainage; family Health; assistance and social vulnerability; control and combat of the dengue mosquito; conservation and maintenance of rural roads; inspection and works and postures; control and issuance of permits, prior consultations and environmental licensing; maintenance of public buildings and equipment.


With the Maptriz Platform, all these essential services for the operation of a city are in a powerful data bank managed with modern and high-performance technology for fast responses, transparency and strategic information for decision-making.


The Platform

Smart City Mapping

The Maptriz platform is the solution to all the problems that most cause headaches and weariness for public managers. It provides agility to the administration and satisfaction, comfort and security for the citizen who needs the services provided by the government and feels cared for and respected.

The Smart City solution for Janitorial and City Management is the Smart City of the future in place and working today. Smart City is only possible with Smart Solutions.

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Who wins with our Platform?

Public Manager

gains a valuable volume of information, with data in digital and geolocated processes for strategic planning and problem anticipation. Everything is controlled and managed from a single location – the situation room or CCO, allowing for the collection, analysis, organization, sharing of data and agile and assertive decision-making.

City Hall Teams

connected to the Maptriz Platform, they receive a digital service order on mobile, go into the field and carry out the work by filling out digital forms, controlling the synchronization of the data registered in the service orders. From there, the completed works are saved in the database and are available for the public manager and for the citizen to consult. It's the end of paper forms and the guarantee of more agility, data accuracy and savings in time and financial and human resources.


through your smartphone or desktop, you access the Platform, through the City Hall website, register requests or demands and monitor your service from end to end without leaving your home. All in the palm of your hand.


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